Winning Innovation

Northern Immersion provides a creative solution to utilize North Dakota's flare gas with the help of our 100% immersion-cooled mobile data centers. We transform wasted gas into Bitcoin on-site with no new infrastructure needed from the producer. This is a win-win solution, reducing waste and CO2 emissions while satisfying the power demand of Bitcoin mining.

January 27, 2022

Why We are Different

We are a Local North Dakota company that installs and services immersion-cooled data centers in the Bakken. We understand how to navigate our tough climate and have strategic partnerships throughout the Bakken to ensure smooth operations.
December 1, 2021

Transforming Wasted Resources

Instead of spending an average of $62,500 per year per flaring stack to burn off natural gas, we transform wasted gas into cryptocurrency on-site with no new infrastructure needed from the producer.

Benefits to the Environment

Flare gases account for around 2% of all CO2 emissions as well as simply being a wasted energy source. Using this energy to power our immersion-cooled mobile data centers is a solution that serves to not only reduce waste of a natural resource (with its associated CO2 emission), but to also do so in a more efficient manner compared to air-cooled systems.  Our immersion-cooled containers are high density and use a much smaller footprint.  Also. significantly reduced machine maintenance results in much less travel of personnel to the oil well sites.

Statistics and graphs

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PriceVolume (24h)Change
Bitcoin$6 345$3 410 520+0.4%
Ethereum$435.65$1 418 630 000+1.3%
Dash$229.19$153 088 000-0.9%
Litecoin$80.53$283 573 000+2.2%
Monero$127.35$41 956 900+3.75%
Steem$1.26$902 686-2.88%

More Efficient Mining

A major contributor to energy consumption in Bitcoin mining is ASIC fans and facility fans. By utilizing immersion cooling, miners no longer require those energy-draining equipment and can save up to 50% in energy costs.


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